I‘m  doing a series called designed to launch. In the series it will be useful information from everything you would need to know from designing your product to launching your product and everything in between. The do’s and don’ts of real-life experience.

We’re going to start with the most obvious, but often the most overlooked. I am talking about the one and only


So roll up your sleeves, get your thinking cap on, grab a pen and paper and a cup of coffee and let’s get this party started.

Your Name

What are your name ideas? Come up with a good few. Ask people you trust to talk it out. Really think about this one; you don’t want it so long people can’t find you or worse can’t remember you. Does your ( potential) name reflect your business and your personality. Does it feel like a fit. Does it make you feel confident about your business. I can’t stress the name enough. I’ve personally bought lots of domain names but never fit my business or represented my personality and they all ended up by the waste side. Really concentrate on this one.

I can’t stress this enough but really think about this one. I have changed my name and it’s hards once you build a loyal following. Your audience does the sneer face thing and I some of them will not follow you. Starting over can suck. So save yourself heartbreak, godaddy purchases, facebook page likes, instagram, pinterest, business card  changes. Take time on this one.

Product/Service Questions 

Get a note pad. Start with a few questions. What does your company do/sell? Be very clear about your intention here. It needs to be cohesive. Think long and hard about this one. Do you know your business? Can you sum up your business in a sentence or two? Can you do an elevator pitch? What are your projected goals over the next year? How do you meet your goals? What is your competition? What do you like about your competition? What don’t you like about your competition? How is your business better? What are your challenges? What are your resources? What are your weaknesses? What can you do? What can’t you do.What needs improving? What do I need help with?

Download PDF Questionnaire here: Design

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